Maintenance Plan

Annual maintenance is essential to keep your garage door and automatic opener running optimally while safeguarding your investment. That's why we recommend our Lockout Maintenance Plan - an annual package that includes service, adjustments, and a thorough safety inspection.

What’s Included?

Routine maintenance, testing, and a 20-point inspection
Minor adjustments, required as needed
UL325 safety plan and checklist
Document inspection and test results
Recommended corrective repairs/replacement as needed
Discounts on all services jobs
Discounts on all parts used — 15%

The Lockout Maintenance Plan is available in two options

Lockout Plan Options
3 Year
One Time
Part Discount

Garage Door & Opener

Garage Door & Opener

Additional Doors & Openers

Additional Doors & Openers

Garage Door & Opener




Additional Doors & Openers




Why Choose Our Lockout Maintenance Plan?


Reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and inconvenience


Increase the energy efficiency of your garage door system


Maintain the curb appeal of your home with a well-maintained garage door


Receive expert advice and recommendations from our experienced technicians


Benefit from the convenience of a scheduled annual maintenance appointment


Protect yourself from liability in case of a garage door accident or injury


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your garage door is operating safely and reliably


Stay up-to-date with the latest safety features and technology in garage door systems


Save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and replacements


Get prompt and efficient service from a trusted local business with a reputation for quality work.

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