Lockout Maintenance Plan

We recommend that you perform an annual maintenance check and service on your garage door and automatic opener. The Lockout Maintenance Plan is an annual plan designed to keep your garage door system performing optimally while protecting your investment. Annual lockout maintenance includes service, adjustments, and a thorough safety inspection. The largest piece of moving equipment in your home is your garage door. Maintain it so that it runs smoothly and safely for your family.

What’s Included?

The Lockout Maintenance Plan includes the following benefits:

  • Routine maintenance, testing, and a 20-point inspection
  • Minor adjustments are required as needed.
  • All garage door openers must pass UL325 safety tests.
  • Document inspection and test results
  • Recommend corrective repairs/replacement as needed.
  • Parts used are not included in the base price and must be billed separately.
  • Discounts on all parts used
Lockout Plan Options

The Lockout Maintenance Plan is available in two options

Lockout Plan Options 3 Year One Time
Garage Door & Opener $99/year $159/year
Additional Doors & Openers $30/set/year $49/set/year

Lockout Maintenance Plan Sign Up

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Marketing Plan: Preventing Garage Door Malfunctions in Residential Homes


The number of injuries and accidents caused by garage door malfunctions in residential homes is a growing concern. Many homeowners are unaware of the potential hazards and dangers of malfunctioning garage doors. Our service aims to provide homeowners with regular maintenance checks and repairs to ensure the safe and proper functioning of their garage doors.

Target Market:

Our target market is homeowners in the residential housing market. We will focus on homeowners with garages attached to their homes, as well as those with standalone garages. Our target market is families with children and/or pets as they are more likely to be at risk of injury from malfunctioning garage doors.

Marketing Strategies:

Direct Mail: We will send a direct mail campaign to homeowners in our target market to introduce our service and inform them of the potential hazards of malfunctioning garage doors.

Social Media: We will use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach our target market. We will create engaging content that highlights the importance of regular maintenance checks and the dangers of malfunctioning garage doors.

Home Shows: We will participate in local home shows to increase brand awareness and generate leads. We will have a booth at the show and provide information on our services and offer discounts for those who sign up for our service at the show.

Referral Program: We will offer a referral program for our current customers. If a customer refers to a friend or family member who signs up for our service, they will receive a discount on their next service.

Online Advertising: We will use online advertising to reach our target market. We will use Google AdWords and display ads to increase visibility and generate leads.


-Direct Mail campaign will be launched in 2 months from now
-Social Media campaigns will be implemented immediately, and will be updated regularly
-Home shows will be planned for in 4 months from now
-Referral program will be implemented immediately
-Online Advertising will be launched in 2 months from now

Measuring Success:

Our success will be measured by the number of new customers we acquire, the number of referrals generated, and the feedback received from customers. We will also track the number of calls and emails generated as a result of our marketing efforts.


By targeting homeowners in the residential housing market and implementing effective marketing strategies, we can increase brand awareness and generate leads for our service. Regular maintenance checks and repairs can prevent garage door malfunctions and ensure the safety of homeowners and their families.