Common issues that require garage door repairs

Sometimes the issue with your garage door is obvious. Other times, it could be a series of related issues causing the problem. When in doubt, call a professional to inspect your door and be sure to practice good garage door maintenance habits to prevent issues. The most common problems include:


Broken springs and cables

The springs and cables that help your garage door work smoothly can break under the constant pressure. It's important to have a professional handle their installation and replacement due to the potential dangers involved.


Cracked panels

Panels can develop cracks or break due to factors like severe weather or accidental collisions. Our experienced technicians can fix doors with different types of panels.


Damaged weather-stripping

Weather-stripping keeps cold drafts out and improves your home's energy efficiency. If it gets damaged or goes missing, a quick replacement can extend your door's lifespan.


Non-functioning opener

Automatic openers have many parts and electrical wiring that can wear out over time. For safety reasons, it's best to have a professional inspect and replace the opener.


Worn rollers

The rollers of your garage door can wear down over time. Replacing worn rollers is a simple repair that can make your door work like new again.


Malfunctioning safety sensors

Sometimes, a door may not close properly due to malfunctioning safety sensors. Our technicians can quickly identify and fix the problem. In the meantime, make sure nothing is blocking the sensors.

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