Common Garage Door Problems and How to Repair

Are you facing problems with your garage doors? If you are looking for solutions to your problems then you should consider using these things. These tips can help in solving the problems with your garage doors. Using these tips you can solve most of your problems without spending extra money. You can determine what type of problems your garage door has and how you can repair them.

Physical problems in Garage Doors

There are problems in your garage doors which you can see or listen. If you have any of these problems then you can easily repair them by applying suitable methods to them. You should always try repairing small damages yourself before hiring professional. This way you can save a lot of money on the repairs.

  • Door opener stops working–This is one of the basic issues with every garage door. You can easily fix this problem by applying suitable lubricants. You can apply garage door spray on the door which can help in creating friction in the door. This way your doors will open and close without any problems.
  • Annoying noises start coming out of your garage doors– If you hear a crackling sound coming from your garage doors then it might be due to some loose or old parts. If you start hearing any of these noises then you should apply lubricants to provide friction in your doors.
  • Cracks start appearing in your garage doors–You can find cracks in your garage doors which can get worse with times. You can use appropriate sealant to fill these cracks.
  • Gate start closing and opening instantly–This is one of the serious problems which can cause damages to your car or cause injuries. So you should get it to repair by aligning the door’s photo-eye.
  • Garage door doesn’t fully close or opens – Sometimes you will find that your garage door won’t fully close or opens which can be due to various reasons. You can get it repair by using insulation pipes and placing them in garage doors can solve your problem.

Problems in automatic garage doors

These problems can occur in your garage doors when you have an automatic system. If you face any of these problems then you should consider using these solutions.

  • Dead Batteries could cause problems in Garage doors – If your garage door doesn’t open by remote then the batteries can be reasons. If you replace the batteries of the remote then it might start working again.
  • The signal might not be transmitting properly–Sometime the signal could not get transmitted through the remote. This can happen when the remote is out of range of the garage door. You should wait until you are closer to the garage and then use the remotes.
  • The garage doors can stop working when something blocks them–Garage doors are made with a mechanism which prevents them from crushing objects. If something blocks their paths then garage door won’t close. So you should check if something is blocking their path then you should remove them.
  • Springs could be broken in them –If your garage door doesn’t open or closes then it can be due to spring failure. You can call professional for repairs of your garage door in this situation.

You can face all these problems with your garage doors and you should consider using the appropriate solution. This way you can solve these little damages in your garage door by yourself or by getting professional services which ever you seem suitable.

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