How to open garage door with broken spring?

Garage doors are very important for the safety of your cars and bikes. You can protect your precious cars and vehicles from theft and damages. During storm or rains, there might be a chance where your vehicles may get scratch or stop working due to water in them. So, this is one of the reasons to get garage door installation in your house. If you get a beautiful garage door then it will also make your house look more appealing to the visitors. You can choose from various styles, designs and materials for the installation of garage doors.

What are the reasons for such problems with your garage door?

One of the most inconvenient issues some people face with their garage doors is the broken spring. If the spring of the garage door is broken then you might not be able to open the doors properly which can lead to several problems. When you are going to the office in the morning and if your garage door does not open then it can be the cause of several problems. Well, if you face such problems then you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to safely open the garage door.

Steps to open the garage door with broken spring

If you want to learn how to open garage door with broken spring safely then you can follow the following steps.

  1. Use ladders in order to stabilize the doors –First of all, you need to get ladders which are at least 5-6 foot long. It is very important as you are going to use them to hold the door stable. So make sure that you get them as the doors should be held steady if you want to get your cars out of the garage.
  2. Insert Pry bars on the garage door –Now the second steps is to use the pry bars in order to pull up the garage doors so that you can hold them properly. You will need the help of a friend in order to use two pry bars simultaneously. By slight pulling the door you can lift it up using your hand.
  3. Push door upward to open it –After using pry bars you can put your hand below the garage door and pull it upward. You will also need the help of friends to pull up the garage door which is very important.
  4. Apply vice grips on the door to keep open –After you pull it up at enough height then you can use vice grips to hold the door at that position. Make sure that you use the vice grips properly in order to avoid any injuries or accidents. Now you can put the ladder under the door to hold it.

This is how to open the garage door with broken spring safely and securely. Make sure that you get the help of a friend while you open the door. This way you can avoid any type of issues as it is a two man’s job.

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